How Important Is It to Build Friendships in My Support Group?

Supportive and constructive relationships during rehab are an integral part of a person’s overall recovery from Suboxone or other substances. Without proper support and meaningful friendships, recovering addicts often revert back to a lifestyle of substance abuse and addiction. Building healthy friendships during treatment is such an important aspect…

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Importance of Peer Support in Rehab

A person fighting an opioid addiction has many medication options, but the significance of emotional support during recovery cannot be overstated.
Suboxone Use and Opioid Addiction
Scientists have studied the effectiveness of medication-assisted addiction therapies since the 1960s according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). One of…

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The Benefits of Speaking Openly about Suboxone Addiction

The drug Suboxone is a hybrid drug that mimics the effects of opioids while fighting the user’s physical dependence on them, and is often used under medical supervision to help opiate addicts break their addictions. Unfortunately, it is possible for patients to become addicted to Suboxone itself.

Signs of…

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Suboxone Recovery Support

Suboxone is a drug used to lessen addiction to opiates like morphine, codeine, and heroin. It does not give the user as intense of a “high” as these other drugs and is supposed to be easier to stop taking. Due to this reputation it is used to wean an individual…

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Support Groups for Suboxone Abuse

Behavioral therapy is a key step in the process of drug addiction treatment. Addiction is generally fueled by an unhealthy response to pain and disappointment from current or past circumstances. It’s a coping mechanism that allows users to “check out” from dealing with the current situation. One may find…

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