What is Suboxone & how can we help?

Suboxone (also known as Sobos, Boxes, or Oranges) is a brand-name drug made out of naloxone and buprenorphine that is used to treat opiate addictions. Suboxone is also used to control pain in patients who cannot take opiates, and to treat chronic, unrelenting pain. We are here to provide information on getting yourself or a loved one into a Suboxone addiction treatment center. If you are ready to take the next step towards recovery we can help. We have admission counselors standing by 24 hours a day.
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Can your health insurance cover the cost of Suboxone addiction treatment?
If you are curious about the cost of treatment or if your health insurance can cover the cost of Suboxone rehab we can help. The cost of addiction treatment can vary based on many different factors. Most insurance plans are accepted for treatment and our admission counselors can help verify your benefits.
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Health insurance coverage for Suboxone addiction treatment
How successful is our integrated treatment model?

Integrated treatment addresses the Suboxone addiction and mental health issues simultaneously and is vital in the long-term sobriety of a recovering Suboxone addict. Integrated treatment has been shown to increase positive treatment outcomes in a wide variety of areas. Patients have lower rates of relapse (in both substance abuse and mental illness domains). They also have lower levels of hospitalizations, arrests, and incarcerations. All of our addiction treatment centers provide integrated treatment and operates in the top 5% of all treatment facilities in the country.

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What are the factors in treatment pricing?

The cost of avoiding Suboxone addiction treatment is high–addictions destroy lives and lead to disabilities and even death, and addiction treatment costs are as unique as a person’s needs, but any expense associated with treatment is far less than the long-term costs of suffering with Suboxone addiction. Today medical professionals agree addiction is a chronic disease that benefits from treatment.Health insurers cover substance use disorders through their behavioral health plans, although treatment options vary by policy.

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Where are Suboxone treatment facilities located?

There are many types of treatment available for Suboxone addiction recovery, but inpatient treatment is usually the most effective. Inpatient treatment can vary in length and intensity, but all inpatient programs involve patients staying on site and include a wide variety of treatment options. We have inpatient, as well as outpatient, facilities located all over the country. We also have an extensive network referral sources and connections with other facilities.

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People who become addicted to Suboxone often deny their emotional and physical dependence on the drug. They do not recognize or take responsibility for the negative behavior that results from being a Suboxone addict. Often, an intervention provides the necessary wake-up call to spur them into admitting their addiction and agreeing to enter a recovery program. Without an intervention, many Suboxone addicts will continue the downward spiral of addiction.

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Inpatient VS. Outpatient
Suboxone is a synthetic opiate, or opioid, that was developed as a treatment for opiate addiction. In much the same way as methadone, the drug’s active ingredient, buprenorphine, satisfies the brain’s need for opiates without getting the user high. Instead of forcing an addict to give up his drug of choice “cold turkey” and endure painful withdrawal symptoms, Suboxone eases the patient into the recovery process.
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The negative consequences of Suboxone addiction do not only affect the addict. Everyone who loves the addict suffers due to the addict’s dependence on drugs. Mothers of drug addicts often suffer great heartache but feel powerless to stop the addiction from affecting their lives and the lives of their adult children. Help your child with their addiction and receive the best Suboxone integrated treatment available.
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